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Zine Collection

Discover the surreal world of dreams through the zines. Each zine is a visual representation of the dreams that were collected from diverse participants across different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Organized thematically, through three themed zines: "The Zoo", "The Blind Hunger", and "Phobia". Each zine is a unique journey into the surreal and unexpected nature of the collective unconscious, portrayed through the use of color, typography, and imagery. "The Zoo" features animals as symbols and metaphors, "The Blind Hunger" delves into the significance of food in dreams, and "Phobia" explores the fears that haunt us in our sleep. Using the risograph printing method, these zines are a playful and vivid interpretation of the dreams collected through a variety of methods, including online questionnaires and paper forms.

Blind Hunger
The Zoo Zine
Phobia Zine
Phobia Zine

The Zoo

"The Zoo" is a collection of dreams that revolve around animals and the animal kingdom. This zine explores the subconscious relationship between humans and animals, as well as the blurred lines between human and animal behaviors. From talking animals to mythical creatures, each dream takes the reader on a surreal journey through the animal world, inviting them to explore the hidden depths of their own psyche. With its vibrant colors and unique risograph printing process, "The Zoo" creates a captivating and dream-like experience for readers of all ages."

The Blind Hunger

The Blind Hunger" is a zine dedicated to exploring the surreal world of food in dreams. This zine features a collection of vivid and unexpected dreamscapes, where food takes on strange and symbolic meanings. From candy explosions to shawarma sandwiches, the dreams in this zine offer a glimpse into the strange and fascinating world of our subconscious minds. With vibrant risograph printing and bold imagery, "The Blind Hunger" is a feast for the eyes and the imagination.


Phobia, explores the fears and anxieties that we experience in our dreams. From being chased by a doll to being trapped in a fire, these phobias can be incredibly vivid and often feel all too real. This zine features dream illustrations that tap into these fears and offer a surreal representation of the emotions we experience in our nightmares. Through the use of the risograph printing method, the zine's visuals create a haunting and eerie atmosphere, transporting the reader into a dream world full of phobias and anxieties.

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