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Before starting the dream collection process, I researched the significance of dreams and their interpretation. I read books about dreams and their meanings, including Islamic books from Muslim dream interpreters like Ibn Seirene and works from Sigmund Freud about the unconscious mind and this was the starting point of my research where i got my first insights in the topic of dreams.


The Little Book Of Dream  

Lizzie Cornwall

The Interpretation Of Dreams

Sigmund Freud

The Big Book Of Dream Interpretation 

Ibn Seirene

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During my multi-studio class, I gave a workshop to my peers and I provided them with an online questionnaire where they wrote down their most weird and surreal dreams. after that, they took their dreams and put them into mid-journey and visualized them. The reason that I choose Midjourney to generate images of dreams is that it uses artificial intelligence to create unique and unpredictable visuals that can capture the surreal and often nonsensical quality of dreams. Midjourney's algorithms are trained on a large database of images and can create unexpected and dream-like combinations of elements that can evoke the strange and unsettling nature of surreal dreams. This makes Midjourney a powerful tool for exploring the relationship between dreams and art, and can provide a new way of visualizing the unconscious mind. 

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i was fascinated by the diversity of experiences and perspectives that emerged from the dreams, and as I analyzed the dreams, I noticed that certain themes and symbols emerged, but there were also many unique and unexpected elements that reflected the individuality of each dreamer.


This process of dream collection was the starting point for my project. I knew that I wanted to create a visual representation of these dreams, and I decided to organize them into three different themed zines: Animals, Food, and Fears. By doing so, I aimed to highlight the universal themes and symbols that connect us all, while also celebrating the individuality and diversity of our dream experiences."

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