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Afternoon Dreams is a graphic design project that delves into the themes and symbols that emerge in collective dreams. Dreams were collected through a variety of methods, including online questionnaires and paper forms, from a diverse group of participants spanning different ages, backgrounds, and cultures. The project title "Afternoon Dreams" or “Ahlam alasr” is derived from a recent local Arabic term used to describe dreams that do not make sense or are out of the ordinary.


Using risograph printing, a series of zines and posters were created to visually depict these dreams through graphic design. The designs are organized into three zines, each with a different theme: animals, food, and fears. Employing color, typography, and imagery, each zine conveys the mood and atmosphere of the dreams within its theme. Those designs are playful and surreal, displaying the often bizarre and unexpected nature of dreams. Afternoon Dreams offers a unique glimpse into the collective unconscious and the universal themes that connect us all.


The project aims to initiate conversations about the significance of dreams and their potential to inform our waking lives. Additionally, it showcases the potential of graphic design and artificial intelligence to communicate complex ideas and emotions in a manner that is both accessible and engaging to a broad audience.

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